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The Cosette Duster, named for the instant cozy comfort it brings when added to your outfit, is made from a beautiful, soft, luxe feeling fabric. It has a slight rib texture, thumb holes, and deep pockets on the front. There is also a large single wooden button on the front to secure the duster. The fabric is drapey and dreamy and has an almost sweater quality.

However, although we did our homework on this fabric, during the milling process, something changed, and the fabric now pills easily. While annoying, the pills are easily removed with a fabric shaver. (Don’t pick at them!) We also noticed, that with wear the fabric also pulls, while this is less noticeable in the black colorway than the light grey, it is still evident. In the spirit of full transparency, we feel that this simply doesn’t meet the standard for the type of clothing we aim to produce. This is reflected in the price, which is a final sale / no exchanges and no returns. No other discounts will work on this product at checkout.  

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